Jul 142007

entrails "We can expect that part of the debate to get rather heated over the rest of the day, and well into the weekend and this will inevitably distract a lot of people from the poll results themselves…" Gummo Trotsky

It’s a silly name, but some might say the same about ’Bannerman’. To each their own. What is truly silly, and gives an appearance of getting sillier because it makes good blog-fodder, is some supposed ’stoush’ between a mainstream media conglomerate with a decidedly conservative and pro-government bent, and some bloggers in the Ozsphere intent on calling out said conservative conglomerate because said conglomerate dared call a non-conservative(?), non-government leaning(?) blogger names.

Seriously folks…. bloggers, non-blogging readers and just general internet high-tide mark surfers….who gives a shit what Dennis Shanahan or whatsisface Sheridan think about any particular issue. If you think they’re wrong, then say so, but don’t go getting all antsy when they use the power of the media, which they have instant access to, for their own benefit simply because you don’t think that’s fair play. Wake up, Ozsphere! Blogging, much like MSM, means you’re exposed in the desert of apathy to the elements of discontent. Free expression and any sense of fair play you perceive are simply mirages on the horizon of your expectations.

  2 Responses to “Lost in the Desert”

  1. I’d like to get excited about the issue but surely it’s a case of “if only both sides could lose”?
    Incidently, from my schoolboy Latin (circa 1960) i think the plural of ‘haruspex’ is “haruspices”.
    Maybe i can get a job in Pope Ratswinger’s reTridentined Church? Can’t be many left of the old smells & bells, dress wearing shirt lifters who may have intoned the Cureare whilst fiddling.

  2. How sacreligious! You’ll go to the Cathoilc Hell, you realise. But only if you’re Catholic.

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