Jan 142008

The world of technology is a fascinating place, but every now and then, I get the distinct impression that people are being paid way too much to have too much time on their hands. Take, for example, this latest gizmo from the makers of the Walkman.
No intention to commercially market the thing, and frankly, I’m left wondering why anyone would bother, so why have anyone actually produce the thing in the first place?

  One Response to “Made in Japan”

  1. As an exercise in .. er.. mechanics it has a point which is odd but no plans to market (assuming that it works and isn’t hype). However the clockwork radio developed for poor rural dwellers in Africa etc is a viable thing.
    I’ve had a squeeze dynamo torch for many years in the car – prev. the batteries would be flat on the rare occasions I needed it.
    Then of course there’s that velocopede thingy, all it needed was a chain connected to the back wheel.

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