May 122007
is it 2010 already?

Reminiscent of a scene from the sequel to ’2001-a Space Odyssey’, ’2010-the Odyssey Continues’, is this shot taken by the NASA probe, New-Horizons as it exited the Jovian system in March of this year. The shot depicts a tantalisingly blue Europa rising above the limb of Jupiter with an amazingly dense star field as a backdrop. Click on the thumbnail to appreciate the full-sized pic.

New-Horizons is now undergoing preparation for hibernation until re-awaking around this time of year in 2015. The fastest spacecraft to have ever left this planet is now well over 6AU from Earth. Just another 2,892 days until the next time we’ll hear or see anything from New-Horizons.

  One Response to “Making Stanley Jealous”

  1. thank you for this picture, I have been collecting pictures of Jupiter and seem to have lost most of them.

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