Jul 102007

First there was Information teleported between atoms, followed I note by an article in today’s news_dot_com touting Australian physicists Simon Haine, Murray Olsen and Ashton Bradley as having succeeded in ‘real’ teleportation on the atomic level.

This is exciting stuff…….from a scientific perspective. For you and me, dear reader, it’s about as exciting as de-prilling your fleecey-lined winter woolies. However, from that scientific perspective, the actual ‘science’ behind this feat is quite interesting if you allow your mind to grasp the principles. Additional information is available from the original New Scientist article, and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum-Atom Optics (what a mouthful!).
Now all we really need is for Rudd to win power later this year, come good on his fibre-to-the-node optical network across the country and in theory, we can all look forward to ordering a pizza and receiving it from a BEC receiver attached to our computers. Might take a while to re-heat though.
Beam me up, Dominos!

  One Response to “Meatasaurus, Thin Base, Cheesy Crust Thanks”

  1. yeh, but think of the spam you’d also get!
    First it was people going broke putting new paper rolls into their faxes, then hours spent deleting the “enlarge your…brain” ads from the email

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