Mar 092007

Bannerman would like to invite all and sundry to yet another playground for the inanely stupid, in terms of internet forums.

Debate and Relate, it calls itself. Never was a name more poorly chosen. This forum is one in format only because it uses PHP2 BBS software and templates. It’s moderated, apparently, but you’ll never see any moderation performed. The various sub-forums all deal with the subject of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, and if you’re really lucky, you’ll get the occasional thread dealing with domestic politics. Mind you….this board is Australian in creation and presentation. The underlying theme of the forum, you ask? Well there’s one self-declared white supremacist, several lesser radical, but openly bigoted anti-non-white Caucasian ’enthusiasts’, half of which are – surprisingly – female. No thread escapes the influence of the anti-muslim influence of the overall board’s ethos. The moderators are American and Australian. Male and female respectively, apparently. It’s difficult to tell on the ’net, as the reader will surely appreciate. Bannerman suspects one has the hots for the other but how that is determined remains a mystery. Perhaps they have the hots for themselves?

You know, reader, Bannerman thought PA was a crook show. He was sorely mistaken.

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