Oct 042007

It’s a funny headline. Fun-loving man, 50, seeks country. What the article doesn’t say, or concentrate on, is the man’s ambition, avarice and envy for the Big Chair which tends to over-ride any ‘fun-loving’ aspect of any politician.
Still, I’m sure there will be the easily swayed and gullible in the community who’ll read the well-intentioned motherhood statements from Costello. The intended concern and heartfelt desires to do things better than have been done in the past. What the easily swayed and gullible won’t take into account that this is a man who, for the past twelve years, has been second-in-charge of what we’re continually told is the best government this country has ever had. If that’s really the case, why then do we need to do better than what we’ve done in the past? Why is water an issue now, after 12 years? Why is education still a bugbear after 12 years? Why is infrastructure investment still sadly lacking after 12 years? Why do we still need a safety net for Medicare when universality was it’s original intent? Why do we need to have draconian legislation in place, restricting wages and stripping employment conditions while businesses and employers make greater and greater profits?
Don’t be conned, kiddies. This man only wants to sit in the big chair. It’s all he’s wanted for 12 years and now that he’s so very, very close in his mind, he’ll say anything to ensure that the scare campaigns Labor are mounting are minimised. After all, he’ll be getting the job easy, if Howard does pull the pin as he’s promised. He doesn’t want to have to work any harder at keeping it than he really has to. A little faux modesty and good guy bonhomie can’t possibly go stray, can it?

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