Oct 172007

Dennis Shanahan seems to think he’s found a bright spot in the government’s dark future.

“The Coalition has stretched its commanding lead over Labor on the key vote-changing issues of the economy and national security.” Commanding lead?!!?? Vote-changing issues?!? I don’t recall national security being a pivotal point in either parties campaign structure throughout this year, let alone now that we’re two days into a 41 day electoral campaign. Economy may well be the conservative’s strong point, but again, I don’t see any real focus on that issue, especially with cost of living increases occurring daily in petrol, rents, food and so on. The RBA continues to make noises about raising interest rates again in November, something which I regard as an inevitability, so just where is the economy featuring strongly for the coalition?
I think Dennis has merely seized upon the fact that IR, out of a list of nine options put to respondents of the latest News poll, happens to rank last behind major social issues. How far behind? It’s relative, in my view.
When your team is so far behind the eight-ball, I dare say you’ll write or say just about anything to get some aspect of favourable spin. The bottom line in the latest News poll being that Labor still has the steamroller straining on it’s chains. 48% to 39% in Primary vote terms; 56% to 44% in TPP terms. Where IR ranks out of a list of nine highly pertinent issues facing voters this time around, is really irrelevant.

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