Mar 072008

Phillip Corey’s column in today’s SMH really does highlight to apparent lack of understanding in the Liberal-National coalition, of current electorate sentiments.

Equally, it also highlights that some in the party, the post-Howard outcasts currently serving on the back bench, and possibly even some of those on the front benches, still can’t understand the reason behind their electoral loss in November 2007.
Pyne believes the party is too far right, or was at the least, and Andrews believes the conservative views of the Howardian era portrayed an acceptable centrist ethos. What’s reasonably clear, other than the confusion which reigns in the coalition, is that some who remain, given the opportunity, would happily resurrect Howardianism, and all that it stood for. Including draconian, repressive industrial relations laws.
The warning is clear and present. Until the conservative side of politics returns to true Liberalism as defined by Menzies, extreme right-wing influences will remain a danger for Australian society at each election cycle.

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