Jun 162007

Happiness is paradoxical. What we think will give it to us – invariably doesn’t. When we think we’ve got it – we invariably haven’t. We’re not even good at predicting what will make us happy people. From languishing to flourishing – can even the most troubled mind be primed for happiness? A panel of international trailblazers in the study of emotion, positive psychology and Buddhism get earnest about pleasure.

All In The Mind

The text from Radio National’s ’All in the Mind’ program which aired this afternoon. I happened to catch most of it while we were on out way to the cinema. I thought it quite pertinent and some of what the speakers had to say relevant to the ethereal nature of what we call happiness. Essentially, my own belief that happiness cannot be measured, quantified in any specific manner or nailed down to a certain thing or set of circumstances appeared to be borne out in this program. As Buddah tells us, learn to deal with what you have, not what you desire.

So, if you’re a John Quiggan or James Farrell type, do have a listen or download the podcast.

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