Feb 182010

Y’know, I get really, really tired of the shrieking, wailing and gnashing of teeth which occurs everytime Iran thumbs her nose at the West’s demands that she not explore nuclear energy. Here’s that Ameri-centric Australian pundit, Greg Sheridan, yet again touting the line promoted almost exclusively by some in America, that Iran having nuclear energy is tantamount to the next global military conflict.
These fear and loathing spruikers, like Sheridan, conveniently ignore the fact that the right to explore nuclear energy is sovereign to every nation on the face of the planet, as decreed by the Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Iran is a signatory. Any nation is free to explore nuclear energy, as long as that exploration does not evolve into weapons development, which to date, Iran’s program has not. We know this because the International Atomic Energy Agency – the watchdog – tells us so. The IAEA inspects such program developments, and providing there is deemed to be no weapons development going on, there is no issue.
Frankly, I believe Sheridan and his ilk merely flap their virtual jaws to the American tune because they’re sycophants unable to think logically about such issues. That, and the fact that deep down inside, it’s the done thing to be anti-Islamic in every aspect of criticism of any nation-state which isn’t the US of A.

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