Jun 292007

"We can talk about our surpluses, we can talk about our strong economic position, our growth rates, we can talk about our low inflation, we can talk about our strong exports. All of those things are important and it’s good to have them. But the greatest assets this country has is the fundamental decency of its people."

Howard announces new SIDS funding

In the words of Mr Creosote, "Better get a bucket, I’m gonna throw up!"

Earlier today, I drew attention to Peter Brent’s Mumblings on the issue of Howard making a surprise track suited jog to the Governor-General’s digs in the not-very-distant future. Consider these salient facts, dear reader.

Since the agenda-loaded announcement by Messrs Howard and Brough on 22 June, of the full frontal attack by the Commonwealth on child abuse, drunkenness, drugs, disease, sub-standard housing……probably in-growing eyelashes as well……there have been five money-laden announcements of Howardian largesse aimed specifically at the more pluck-able public heart-strings.


As political observers would be aware, Queensland holds the key to a Labor election; or a Howardian loss, depending on your point of view. The three day spraying of $2.26b into the public pocket, whilst the short man has been in state, surely won’t go astray when it comes down to the gullible deciding who’s the better Santa Clause on polling day. When Howard visits Queensland, it’s never because the timing happens to be a part of his normal rounds of the national electorate.

As I heard stated on Radio National this morning, nothing a politician does is apolitical. Everything a pollie does, says or thinks has a political agenda at its heart. Saving little kiddies from the nasties of an abusive upbringing is admirable, as is pouring money into much needed social welfare instrumentalities and projects. But never forget, dear reader, that 2007 is an election year and Howard is a politician. The hype from his Northern Territory intervention isn’t sustainable long term, as Brent points out. These lollie-bag handouts are serving both as a distraction from the claims of ’land-grab’, while still focussing on the ’what-a-good-boy-is-Johnny’ aspect.

Time will beat the little man, if he allows it, but the craftiest pollie this country has ever seen isn’t likely to allow it. Roll on, August.

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