Oct 202006

George W Bush has been quoted as claiming similarities between the current situation in Iraq with the Tet Offensive era during the Vietnam War. This is a major admission from the American administration that events in Iraq are clearly degrading and causing more than a little concern in Republican political circles.

Last night on the ABC’s flagship current events program, 7:30 Report, we were presented a report by Guardian News representatives which graphically displayed the failures of the American effort in Iraq. Following that, we were presented with a devoutly confirmed, stubbornly adamant John Winston Howard refusing to adopt a similar stance to that of his American colleague. I found a subtle revelation in the opening moments of the latter interview, with Howard literally poo-hoo’ing the previous article with

KERRY O’BRIEN: The bulk of those pictures were provided by a Guardian newspaper reporter who spent two months and presumably had their trust.
JOHN HOWARD: Well, the Guardian newspaper – you’re making my argument. Kerry, it is simply not plausible to build a strategy, even debate this issue, just on the basis of one news report.
KERRY O’BRIEN: I suggested it as one insight, Mr Howard, a pretty powerful one.
JOHN HOWARD: But it’s still one news report.

It is now patently clear that politicians who acted against the opinions of the majority are now faced with the brick wall at the end of the blind alley they deliberately led their respective constituencies along. American military sources are claimed to be considering modes of withdrawal. Former Secretary of State – James Baker – has openly stated that Iraq is a “hellava mess” as a part of his task in researching all possible options in a bid to withdraw US forces from an almost inextricable situation.
So….what’s the most logical stance to be taking in regard to this quagmire of death and misery? Surely not one of stubborn obstinance and self-righteous indignation.

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