Jan 312011

Under Fire, Gillard Ditches Chief of Staff

These are the depths to which Australian media outlets, especially the heavily conservative oriented outlets, have sunk. Speculation and innuendo. Absolutely nothing news-worthy in the piece, of course. It’s from the poison pen of Andrew Bolt so no surprises there. Have a look into the links Bolt makes, and you’ll find he’s not linking up to anything cogent which might support his postulation, only to other slurred innuendo from fellow conservatively apologetic journalists working for News Limited. Not even Caesar judging Caesar, it’s more like Caesar feeding off Caesar. A form of self-perpetuating cannibalism. The mental image is rather gross, but imagine an originating source, creating their own fantasy musing, which is eaten up by those too bloody lazy to write anything original, who then shit out the waste, which is then consumed by the next who leaves their brand of scat, then absorbed by the next, and so on, ad infinitum. This is the modus operandi of the News Limited press. Repeat a lie, or in this case, a piece of pseudo-political garbage, and eventually the acolytes these pawns are preaching to will accept it as holy writ. Far from being even remotely vulpine, this form of journalism is in a great many ways similar to toilet graffiti advertising homosexual prostitution behind the industrial waste bins at Bunnings every second Saturday evening.
Then there’s the real issue I have with Bolt & his odious kind.

Samantha Maiden yesterday:

Insiders note that when MPs start bagging the Prime Minister’s staff, it’s often the first sign of disquiet. Over the Christmas break, the PM’s chief of staff, Amanda Lampe, has faced digs about her performance. While her former boss Bob Carr sings her praises, others aren’t as happy, complaining Ms Gillard’s office is stuffed with inner-city types who don’t understand the pressures faced by average families.

I think that is code for Lampe being a lesbian, although I’d have thought that now being the mother of twins would have her understanding a lot more of those pressures faced by average families. Perhaps more so than her boss.

Note that last para carefully. ‘Code for Lampe being a lesbian’’ I’d have thought that now being the mother of twins would have her understanding a lot more of those pressures’‘perhaps more so than her boss’. A few points where, as usual, Bolt is entirely incorrect.

  • Amanda Lampe is not a mother and hasn’t recently become one. Her partner has.
  • ‘Code’ for lesbian?? Why is there any need for ‘code’? If Amanda Lampe is lesbian, so what of it?
  • Inner city types apparently refers to the childless, the Double Income-No Kids paradigm disparaged by those who feel so unfairly weighted down by parenthood, which is also a thinly veiled slight at Gillard’s choice to pursue a political career rather than be barefoot & pregnant to a male. This is clearly how Bolt sees fit to interpret the vacuous claims of Maiden, and pass judgement on homosexuality in the public service.

This is the sad state of play among conservative-oriented media sources in Australia. Rumour, innuendo, falsehood and character assassination for the benefit of ideologically driven editors-in-chief, and in direct support of conservative politics in Australia. Is not the media intended to be objective and analytical, as opposed to partisan, selectively subjective in support of a clearly defined political agenda? I frankly couldn’t care less whether Amanda Lampe is a lesbian or Kallathumpian Lawyer. If….and it’s a huge ‘if’….she was pushed from her role because she’s a fuck-up merchant, then so be it. There is absolutely nothing in any of the numerous ‘yarns’ filling the News Limited columns today which would confirm or deny such circumstances. Again, only rumour & innuendo. How do such circumstances rate as news and why does it occupy so many News Limited journos who clearly haven’t bothered to find out the facts, preferring to focus only on what others in their stable might be promoting
Perhaps, as is highly likely the case and benefit of the enormous doubt is granted, Amanda Lampe has decided to seek home-time with her new family, in support of her partner? After all, it happens with heterosexual couples, although in Bolt’s case I doubt the consideration would even flicker past his consciousness. Until something more cogent is presented, prudentiality would demand that rumour not be attended to. Unless you’re a News Limited hack

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