Aug 192007

FJ of the Gold Coast reckons
“So I pay tax so Rudd can get tanked and act inappropriately at a titty bar?? Great news. Rudd is a fraud,”

Actually, FJ, you pay your taxes so all manner of politicians and public servants can get tanked and act inappropriately. The difference in this case is simply that Glenn Milne didn’t see any mileage in reporting on Neville Nobody tanking up and touching the showgirls because Neville Nobody isn’t leading the Labor Party.

Let’s be open and honest about this tittilating tale of titties and tipple, shall we? Four years ago while on a business junket, Kevin07 was whisked off for a few bevvies with accompanying boobies by a mate and some unremarkable US newshound. And just who is reporting this terrible turn of events as some form of misappropriation of the public trust in a would-be Prime Minister? Well, none other than the very same man who, loaded to the gunwales on alcoholic beverages and supposedly headache pills, attacked the host/presenter of journalisms award night-of-nights in October last year. Glenn Milne himself. Well known Howardian sympathiser, muck-raker of any story which makes scandalous front-page copy and sells newspapers. A question arises as well…..just who’s responsible for digging four year old dirt on an incident which carries no adverse inferences for Kevin Rudd, other than he’s now proven to be human, just like the rest of us. Well…..some of us anyway. Naturally, we’re told ad infinitum that dirt units don’t exist, but who really believes those claims?

Isn’t Glenn Milne the very same man, who on Insiders this morning, made the rather incredible claim that he’d never been to a strip club? I suppose he’ll try to claim that the Walkley’s affair last year was all the fault of headache pills, and booze never entered into the equation. Never been to a strip club??!!! Is Glenn Milne really male, I have to ask? Does he have blood in his veins, as Peter Beattie says Rudd must have, or does he harbour printers ink? Seriously though, reader, just how credible does Milne really expect the general public – the rational public, not the spit-slinging, right-wing, anti-socialist, any-excuse-will-do, idiot element like FJ of the Gold Coast – to take him for? The hypocritical irony of this man even attempting to make something out of a politician who has admitted to making a dill of himself under the influence simply defies belief.

Interestingly, the transcript of today’s Insiders program has no references at all to what transpired in discussion on the program regarding this Milne revelation. One wonders why?

So Kevin Rudd went to a nudie bar. Big Fuckin’ Deal! Bob Hawke drank too much and clearly dabbled in other women’s privates apart from Hazel’s; John Howard apparently has a foul mouth which we don’t get to hear and he condones similar behaviour by our defence forces; Tony Abbott swears on national television. The thing is, reader, we’re all human beings. We all do things that some times later on, we regret. Does doing those things make us any less than what we really are? I think not. Kevin Rudd in a Manhattan nudie bar. A beat up? A piece of muck being raked up for the benefit of some party or parties un-named? I believe so. Will this gasp-creating revelation that Kevin Rudd is, after all, a fallible human male who does fallible human male things likely to damage him personally and politically?

Are there any real questions worth asking about this issue?

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