Jan 242012

Further to the subject of internet trolls – yes, I know I’m beating a drum, but bear with me. An outsider’s opinion was garnered today.

@NSowden – you all know him, Nicholas Sowden of let’s_call_Obama_a_monkey’  infamy, former med-student at UQ, former young LNP member – came up in conversation at work today. Why would I bother mentioning Sowden at work? Because work is a very tight place and we talk about all manner of things. I asked whether there had been any recorded messages on the phone from last night, or whether anyone had received any strange calls after 4:30pm when I’d done the bunk for the day. Everyone responded in the negative, so yet again it’s clear that Sowden, who claimed to have called my office, had perpetrated another lie.


We devolved into a discussion of just who this idiot is and why he would bother making spurious telephone calls. I drew attention to his historical malfeasance, which drew considerable laughter at his stupidity, as well as equal concern that this individual continues to act irresponsibly, while attending one of Australia’s premier tertiary institutions, studying medicine. It doesn’t matter to me whether Sowden calls my office, but it does matter to my Director. I make no references to my workplace in anything I write here, so cannot be held responsible for any foolishness Sowden tries on. However, I have been informed that nuisance calls will be traced and dealt with accordingly, should Sowden or his hangers-on attempt to be disruptive to our place of business.


We who disdain Sowden from within the ether have become somewhat inured to his foolishness. We simply treat him for what he is, just another internet troll. It was quite an eye-opener for me to hear from those who don’t frequent Twitter or hadn’t heard of #auspol or Sowden’s idiocy, and wonder in a very concerned manner about the mental stability of someone like him, who may, one day, become a medico. Just what is the suitability of such a mindset & personality for exposure to the general populace as a medical practitioner? Pretty low on the tolerance scale, I’d have thought. The opinion was expressed that perhaps Sowden should be made aware that his behaviour in the online world directly reflects on his ability to perform in the real and highly respected world of medicine. I’m certain his Dean at the Griffith School of Medicine would not be at all appreciative of his behaviour, or how it reflects upon the institution. Certainly gives me food for thought.

Anyway, while I’m mulling, and to lighten the mood of this post, here’s a couple of snaps of Nickie from not so very long ago. Lady GaGa I think was the caricature, or at least intended to be. Such a sweet lad, don’t you think?

Oh yes, it’s young Sowden alright. I’ve made absolutely certain of that. Hot smile

UPDATE: It appears young ‘Nicholie’ is extremely sensitive regarding his dalliances in fancy dress. If you missed the piccies that were here until moments ago, that’s because my host received a ‘take-down’ notice less than an hour after this post originally went up, regarding the Twitpic photo’s I’d copied to this site. Piccies of ‘Nicholie’ dressed as a tranny at some adolescent cabaret, probably in Yandina.

If you’d like to see said piccies, trot along to Twitpic & view them there. Just for the record, Twitpic’s Terms of Service state:

“All content uploaded to Twitpic is copyright the respective owners. The owners retain full rights to distribute their own work without prior consent from Twitpic. It is not acceptable to copy or save another user’s content from Twitpic and upload to other sites for redistribution and dissemination.”


“To publish another Twitpic user’s content for any commercial purpose or for distribution beyond the acceptable Twitter “retweet” which links back to the original user’s content page on Twitpic, whether online, in print publication, television, or any other format, you are required to obtain permission from Twitpic in advance of said usage and attribute credit to Twitpic as the source where you have obtained the content.”

….it is perfectly acceptable to ‘ReTweet’ said pics on Twitter.  Hot smile

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  2. […] anyone would bother – would noticed the whining demands he’s made of yours truly to remove my piece of Tuesday 24 January or else. Or else what? Well, or else he’ll write nasty things about me in a complaint to my new […]

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