Sep 192007

Here’s that idiot, Bolt again frothing over a subject he has bugger-all knowledge of, yet so much to say about.

Of course, Andrew knows about the myriad scientific climate specialists who’ve identified climate change as the principal cause for melting of the Greenland icecap. Andrew knows about the increased calving of floes from the Antarctic ice shelf. Andrew knows all about the empirical scientific evidence supporting climate change, as provided by the IPCC.
Yes, Andrew knows all about these things, and many others regarding climate change, yet he prefers to utter baseless innuendo and defamatory slurs against those who present climate change as a threat to humanity’s long term existence. Granted, Climate Change isn’t a threat to his existence. After all, he’ll be dead long before Bass Strait invades his backyard, so why worry?
Oh, and is it really worth the effort, Andrew, to slag off the efforts of some young ladies who choose to use their better assets to further themselves, simply because a spell-checker wasn’t a part of the software used to record their messages of global concern? Cynicism isn’t satire, Andrew. Nor is it adequate support for any form of argument. Bikini-clad ladies who make typos have no bearing on climate change – the debate, either way. In fact, I would have thought that, given your recently discovered puritanical bent, you’d be more inclined to be bagging the fact that women dare to waggle their semi-naked bodies in public, than bemoaning the possibility that they may not be able to spell.
Cynicism: A scornfully or jadedly negative comment or act;
Satire: a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule
Neither adequately supports an anti-climate change stance, or provides possible solutions to the literary inadequacies of “earnest bikini babes, so keen to save something they cannot even spell”. Perhaps you could give them lessons on both, Andrew. I’d call ahead, were I you, to ensure they’re clothed appropriately. Your blinkers will help as well, undoubtedly.

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