Mar 012011

Rebecca Weisser makes her modus operandi public.rebecaa_m1710990

The risible news media column ‘Cut & Paste’ openly states today that its sole purpose is to ‘trawl the archives’, by which Rebecca means Parliamentary Hansard, looking for out of context quotations by politicians to support the latest conservative rant against whatever Editor-in-Chief Chris Mitchell decides is flavour of the day. Specifically Conservative politicians, and equally specifically, the leader of the Opposition.

Conservatism as a political force in this country is quite open about its lack of substantial argument against non-conservative political forces, which just happen to hold government office. There is, of course, the ever present taste of sour grapes in the mouths of Mitchell, Bolt, Akerman et al over being cheated out of government last August, or at least that’s how they see it. Since that time, when we now know only too well from Independents Oakeshott & Windsor that Abbott ‘begged’ for the opportunity to take government, we have not seen as much as one single policy announcement from the coalition parties which isn’t a direct antithetic rejection of government policy announcements.

The conservative drive to take the reins of power at any cost must be viewed for what it is. Arrogant dismissal of the democratic process, and a willingness to do whatever it takes, including subversion of the democratic system, in order to secure government. On the basis of what? Frustration, Disappointment? A sense of abject failure? All of the aforementioned? And what for the people of Australia, more than 50% of whom did not vote for a conservative government? Does Abbott even have any realisation of the people’s needs, wants or desires? Clearly those who aren’t Christian don’t figure very highly in his considerations. From yesterday’s Hansard:

She has betrayed the Australian people because she has broken the solemn obligation of the truth, which prime ministers owe to the Australian public. Let me quote the Prime Minister on standards of honesty. She said:

If the minister had been a businessman and offered a promise like that and not kept it, he would have been sued. If the minister had been in a court of law and made a statement like that and it turned out not to be true, he would have been tried for perjury. If the minister had been in a churchand she knows a lot about that, doesn’t she?and made a statement like that and it turned out not to be true, the congregation would have known that he had broken the ninth commandment.

Is that a slight against non-christians, Tony? Certainly seems that way, Tony. images (1) Oh, and yes, Rebecca, we who pay attention can read Hansard as well. We don’t require that selected portions be cut & pasted into the Conservative Express. Why? Because doing so proves absolutely nothing, save for the fact that such banality proves categorically columns like yours have nothing whatever to do with ‘news’ and all to do with preaching to the converted. What a waste of the bosses money. Or perhaps it’s not a waste, but action on the bosses behalf? Either way, it’s not news is it.

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