Jan 272012

And so, what I’m going to refer to as the Malodorous Sowden Incident (MSI from hereon out), continues.

‘Nicholie’ doesn’t like having his name up in internet lights, apparently. He doesn’t like people taking him to task for his arse-hattedness. He clearly can’t handle the harsh light of criticism lighting up that dark, dank corner of the web he hides within.

Watchers of his stream – Lords knows why anyone would bother – would noticed the whining demands he’s made of yours truly to remove my piece of Tuesday 24 January or else. Or else what? Well, or else he’ll write nasty things about me in a complaint to my new domain host. You see, I made a decision to move hosts due to Sowden’s thinly veiled, highly personal and defamatory threats against my wife. As the re-seller of my former host, her name was noted in the ICANN registry as ‘Tech-Support’. So I moved the domain and paid a little extra to have it served from behind a proxy. A sad day when one needs to do such things to avoid being stalked by a child, but one does what one needs to do to protect ones family. Anti-social brats like Sowden are inevitably mentally unstable to some degree.

So guess what? ‘Nicholie’ did write to my new host and whinge about my innocuous blog post.

My name is Nicholas Sowden and I am bringing to your attention a breach of your acceptable use policy.
A website hosted at
https://waddayano.org contains an illegal blog entry encouraging harassment & possibly constitution criminal stalking. On advice from the relevant authority in Australia (Queensland Police Service), I am bringing to your attention this material to give you a chance to remove the offending material.
https://waddayano.org/wp/?p=1287 contains material such as a private home telephone number and encourages readers to call & harass the owner of the number.

The Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth) contains offences such as s 474.15 ‘Using carriage service to make a threat’ and s 474.17 ‘ Using a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence.’  This legislation can be accessed at the following website:


Also dependent upon the circumstances consideration may be given to the offence of unlawful stalking in s 359E of the Criminal Code.  This legislation can be accessed at the following website:


I am providing this notice in good faith and with the reasonable belief that an offence is being committed. Under penalty of perjury I certify that the information contained in the notification is both true and accurate
I also note that this is the second matter that has been bought to your attention regarding this website, I appreciate your due speed to rectify infringements thus far.
Should you wish to discuss this with me please contact me directly.
Thank you.
Nicholas Sowden

It’s the biggest load of bovine excreata I think I’ve ever read. “possibly constitution criminal stalking”??? The dopey illiterate can’t handle the English language, let alone mount a cogent argument against me. Not that there ever was anything to complain about. Anything I have written in the piece he alludes to is public domain information. None of it is defamatory, inflammatory, inciteful or other deleterious to the individual mentioned. I know, I asked my solicitor to scan the blog randomly, and peruse the so-called offensive post Sowden links to above. He laughed a lot, couldn’t understand why idiots like Thiessen or Sowden would bother and assured me there was absolutely nothing in my weblog to be concerned about. The host couldn’t care less either, as evidenced by their response to me.

Dear Sir or Madam:
I represent SiteGround.com Inc. (SiteGround).  Below please find a complaint recently received by SiteGround.  While SiteGround does not take a position on this complaint, they ask that you please review the complaint, and your website, to ensure that you comply with SiteGround’s Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
David Snead, Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 48010
Washington, D.C.  20009

My response to them is just as pointed.

Thank you Tracey, Yes I was informed by this sowden individual that he would be making a spurious ‘complaint’ about my website and my weblog which resides thereon. I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing contained within my weblog which is in anyway in breach of your AUP or ToS. The so-called complaint is merely a part of a petty vendetta sowden has against me personally, for reasons not fully understood by me, and I have no desire to find out. For the record, I am 54 years of age, fulltime employed as a qualified financial advisor and have run my weblog as it currently stands for well over six years. sowden is half my age, unemployed, a second year university student with far too much time on his hands and far too much of his father’s money to spend. I welcome any level of investigation into any of my domain content. The reason I recently shifted domain hosts was to avoid the stalking by this sowden individual, which is now taking place, having any detrimental impact on my wife who was my previous host as a reseller for Verve. I can handle sowden quite well from this end. Thank you again for your interest.

It’s really sad that events have progressed to this stage, but I do not regret taking the following action one iota:


The next step is to confirm beyond any doubt exactly who sowden’s father is, and make a polite but pointed telephone call.

I’ll repeat, it is genuinely sad that these things need to be addressed in this manner, but if they are not addressed, fools like young Sowden will automatically assume that they are invulnerable once they take a seat behind a keyboard, in front of a computer monitor. Such is not the case. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In my belief, what one puts out, one receives back three times over. Sowden has sown the virtual wind. Now let him reap the actual whirlwind.

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