Nov 052007

I will resign as a minister in the Howard government if there are any substantial changes or any of the changes that Julia Gillard has just flagged,”

and if you believe that one, or worse, take it at face value, then I have a bridge you’d be interested in buying for a song. You could drive one of these truck_200_200.jpgthrough that statement. Just assess the ‘outs’ in Hockey’s statement. He’ll resign as a minister in the Howard government. Well that one only has any sting if Johnny doesn’t lose his seat and the coalition get back in. Even then, just how long will the 70% of cabinet who wanted Johnny gone, which includes Hockey, stand around waiting for Johnny to willingly resign before they give him the shove? Even if Fat Joe did resign, he’d be back when Costello formed his cabinet.
Then there’s the ‘substantial changes’ rider. Define what makes up ‘substantial changes’, Joe?
*pfffftt!* Talk about non-core promises……

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