Sep 132007

For someone like me, who’s never seen this group perform live, it’s almost worth the cost of a holiday to the UK. Well, alright……it’s a pretty big ‘almost’, but seriously, for a child of the late fifties and fervent believer in the real music which the sixties and seventies spawned, what an experience it would be to sit through two hours of Page, Plant, Jones and Bonham(jnr). Imagine, just for a moment, being able to relive the thrill which filled the soul to Gallow’s Pole, Battle of Evermore, Kashmir, Dazed and Confused, or the iconic Stairway to Heaven and the myriad of other famous and fabulous tunes from the greatest metal quartet to have ever recorded.
Would it be the same as it was? I reckon the experience, the sound and the maturity which time brings would make the occasion better than any recorded or previous live performance. If there was ever any doubt, I’d urge a listen to “Coverdale Page”, “No Quarter”, or the soundtrack of “Scream for Help”. No doubts in this believers mind.

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