Mar 202008

As amusingly tongue-in-cheek as Annabel Crabb’s piece in todays SHM is, she does make two very valid points

Firstly, that Workchoices itself may be dead, but the ideal and ethical drive which spawned it remains very much alive in the hearts and minds of those conservatives in opposition ranks who survived the pogrom of November 24, 2007. To use a vague science fiction terminology, the Workchoices ideal has been placed into stasis. It’s life suspended for the present, ready and able to be revived at a point in the future when it’s providers will be better able to nurture it.
The second point Crabbe makes, albeit subtler, is that of apparently unrestrained Labor triumphalism which we know from times past can spell trouble. Arrogance in a politician does not sit well with the electorate, as proven by the ousting of the former Howardian collective. Labor needs to be wary of being carried away on the winds of change. They were elected to do a job, not revel in the doing.

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