Jan 312008

Dear Mr Andrew Laming MP, Member for Bowman [LP],
I DO NOT SUPPORT the saying of ‘Sorry’ to aboriginal Australia if in the saying any inferences are made to current generations of white Australia being in any way, shape or form implicated in the misguided behaviours of a culture and political time which is now long past. I wholly support Brendan Nelson’s stance in this regard.
I was born in 1957. I have not been involved in the ‘stealing’ of aboriginal children from their parents by a political, moral and ethical culture which was clearly flawed at the time and highly disrespectful of a culture which existed long before white men decided that they knew best for aboriginal Australians and their children. I am not implicit in the actions of those who came before me and will NOT accede to populist actions of a government which I helped elect, to simply see that government sell my vote down a river of expediency. Saying ‘Sorry’ will ultimately prove inadequate, insufficient and unacceptable to those portions of aboriginal Australia who have an unending agenda of angst towards white Australia. Regardless of the terms in which the apology may be couched.
I exhort the Rudd government to, if it must, make whatever words it chooses sound sweet and pleasing, but it MUST NOT offer them in my name. I am not guilty and will never claim remorse in this matter.
Yours in rectitude
Niall Cook

and GetUp! can go fuck themselves as well! If you’re of a similar mind to me, then I strongly urge you to act likewise.

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