Jun 142011

My twelfth Twitter account has been suspended by Twitter.

I’m going to post a set of conversations as graphics here, taken as screen shots and combined into one graphic. Nothing at all has been altered. The first is that of a dyslexic 40 year old loner named David Thiessen of 1/19 Tilyard Street, Montrose, Tasmania, who lives out his existence as dotnetnoobie, or .net noobie in various forums for coding geeks around the interwebs.

noob Do have a read and see for yourself the extremist personality which does absolutely anything to abuse and denigrate anyone he feels is a threat to him and how he relates to his fellow human beings. The graphic links to a full sized version. He refers to me in the stream as ‘Callis’ which was one of the nicks I used on Twitter. He’s shitty because I tracked down exactly who he was and stripped away his anonymity by posting up his name, address and telephone number. Nothing quite as scorned as a troll exposed, it seems. Making public information which is already publicly available, like name, address and telephone number, is apparently anathema to Twitter. Go Figure. I received a warning and understood it. So David Thiessen then set about, in concert with Alan Bolderoff (aj2 on Twitter) to concoct false accusations about my calling someone’s wife and abusing them, abusing children, making overt and violent threats both on Twitter and in real life, etcetera. Twitter, to it’s disgrace, accepted everything gratis and has, ever since January, been suspending successive accounts I’ve created without any explanation whatsoever, save for the standard rider, “Twitter reserves the right to suspend accounts” as you do when you run a forum or chat server. I know. Been there & done that but have ALWAYS explained any punitive actions I have had to take. What is clear to me is that whatever this pair have told Twitter, it’s been swallowed hook, line & sinker and now Twitter have declared to them – certainly not to me – that they’ll suspend any account of mine they come across, no questions asked. And that’s precisely what happens. My accounts operate quite satisfactorily, chatting with all of my friends, until Thiessen tumbles to it’s existence. He has his spies out as well, judging by this piece of bile levelled at me over the weekend.

makiwa I’m left wondering just who ‘WE’ are and why they are so afraid of my existence on a public chat medium. Oh, and if you’re a follower of mine, you’re scum, just so that you know, okay? So the word is out on yours truly because an extremist ideologue loner who hasn’t a real life persona, only an online one, can’t handle being sprung for what he is. A small-minded failure at human relations who can’t handle criticism, can’t debate a point of issue, can’t even civilly discuss a point of difference and prefers to simply abuse people who challenge him on a personal basis and fulfil the part of the archetypal internet troll. Now, here is proof positive of the troll behaviour.


Have a good look through that stream. The graphic links to a full sized version. This is David Thiessen as well. The nick changes, whenever I create a new account, to something which at first glance looks like whatever I’m using as an account name. He also steals the avatar graphic and copies anything I post, posting it from this so-called ‘parody’ account. Parody is satire. This isn’t satire, it’s outright abuse. Now, I should highlight at this point that I DO NOT ‘follow’ Thiessen in either persona, in fact I ‘block’ anything to do with him from the outset of any new account. This is how he does what he does. As I say, at first glance the unaware would think it’s me. Doesn’t matter whether I run the account in ‘private’ mode – which means only my followers can see my tweets – or not. Once he knows how my account ‘looks’, he sets about impersonating it. That is illegal under the Twitter rules, but of course, one must firstly get Twitter to pay attention. Being someone that Twitter has been conditioned into despising I have very little chance of having them pay any attention to the realities of what is going on. Yes, I hear the question, ‘how do you know it’s Thiessen?’ and it’s very simple. I’ve studied his patterns for the past 6 months and I know it’s him. So do many of my followers.

So for the immediate future, my battle is with Twitter itself. Contact is ONLY through email, there are no telephone numbers and the only fax number goes to an email address anyway. I have reported the matter to Glenorchy police, Thiessen’s local walloper shop, and also to the Australian Federal Police. This is character assassination and libel of the highest order, yet the law, other than taking notes & lodging the ubiquitous reports, really wants nothing to do with it. If I want satisfaction, as my solicitor told me, it’s $20k to mount a case and probably another $20k to fight it. Minimum $40,000 for personal satisfaction and a sense of victory? I’m not that desperate. Clearly though, given the above evidence and this file which covers the entirety of the so-called ‘parody’ account, it’s very easy to see that this individual has no limits, no civility boundaries and certainly no ethics. He is in paranoia mode and will continue to lash out at what he sees as a threat to his anonymity. If I’m around, I’ll keep on exposing him for who & what he is & he can’t deal with that.

In reality, if he hadn’t called on his support mechanisms, as in those he can get to do his engagement, his relating for him, I’d be perfectly happy to leave him to wallow in his own cesspit of self-loathing. I no longer have any interest in him. My job is done. I exposed a troll, showed the world who he is and how fragile he is. A forty-year old failure at anything which is even remotely human. I still have all of my followers as friends, we relate just as we did on Twitter but elsewhere. I know Thiessen will read this because like all trolls, he can’t help himself, so I’ll pose this challenge to him.

Join us on IRC, David. Push your own veneer thin boundaries and see if you can relate to other human beings outside of an environment that you don’t control. Come and tell us why you fear the opinions expressed by people like me, Andy, Scotty and the others. Tell us why whatever we write on our blogs frightens you so much. Of course, if you don’t/won’t/can’t come along to defend yourself, we’ll understand because we know you better than you know yourself. Here’s the details:

SERVER: irc.induced.net

PORT: 6667

CHANNEL: #ausense

Up to you now laddie. I know you won’t brave up, bu
t that’s the internet troll through & through. Gutless.

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