Sep 102012

This goes out to people I’ve read on Google Plus

Let me just say, right from the outset, that I am sick to death of different folk claiming moral high grounds in what to all intents and purposes appears to be continuation of gender wars I want no part of. If you’re reading this then you’ve doubtless also read +Tom McGill ; +Kent Oldhøj ; +Katherine McCormick and +A.V. Flox whose tale seems to have instigated what I regard as some rather spurious feedback together with some serious & semi-serious thoughts on the issue.

The species Homo Sapiens sapiens has two genders, male and female. The reason is biologically self-evident. Unless the gene pool is continually refreshed it becomes stagnant. Evolution turns on continual change and adaptation. It’s patently evident to me that there are many, many traits inherent in being human which, unless evolved out of our make-up, will eventually lead to our extinction. One of those being the seemingly inate fear, distrust, even loathing by one gender of the other.

This is stupidity of the highest order. The genders MUST co-exist if the species is to persist. Now, it’s all well & good to talk of the human animal as just that….an animal. Yes we are, but we are also self-aware. We have sentience. We think we’re the only life form on this planet which is self-aware. I dispute that. Postulations on sentience aside, we are supposedly the highest evolved form of life on this world, and yet when I read these tit-for-tat snipe sessions written by people with unstated agendas, I start to wonder.

Let’s get right down to it. As a heterosexual male, I find women attractive from both a sexual perspective and a sensory perspective. Women are beautiful things. I call the female body a work of art, with it’s curves, forms, secret places & simple yet alluring presentations. Women are intelligent human beings, terrific counter-balances to a male perspective and something of a mystery in the formulation of their thought processes. Sources of wonder, frustration, attraction and yes, disdain. Remember, these expressions are MY expressions which I expect no-one to agree with, and equally won’t tolerate anyone else telling me my perceptions are wrong, incorrect, unpolitic, unacceptable or, dare I say it…..’creepy’. I have one response to such comebacks. Go Fuck Yourself!

I am what I am. I’m male and intensely proud of my gender. I used to wonder when I was adolescent whether my predilection, even fascination for women’s breasts was evidence of some kind of perversion. As I aged, I became aware that my obsession was simply part and parcel of being who, and what I am. A healthy, heterosexual male with healthy, heterosexual male drives. Some males like breasts, some like legs, some like faces, toes, buttocks, fingers and the list goes on. Why do we like bits & pieces of the female form? Because we’re male. It’s what we do, it’s how we’re put together. We are sexual beings because evolution has determined that we be so. If we weren’t, humanity wouldn’t have survived to where it is today. Just as humanity would not have survived unless the female gender was fostering, motherly, tender, caring, protective of it’s young, etcetera, ad infinitum. I make no excuses for what I am. I feel no need to and never have. I like what I like. I harbour male tendencies because I’m male. I can’t very well harbour female tendencies because I’m not made that way. I can empathise, but I’m not going to empathise to the extent that I deny my own gender & sexuality. Empathy is where the line gets drawn, I’m afraid.

We are different because evolution determines that we need to be this way. If we weren’t, the species would be hermaphraditic and the sniping that goes on now would probably still go on, but over different issues. As sentient beings we’re always right and someone else is always wrong. We hang on tight to pre-conceived ideas and rarely let go for fear of being found wanting, wrong or a lesser form of whatever we preceive ourselves to be. I feel for women who believe they are being threatened by males, simply because of their gender & sexuality. I genuinely do. I know for a fact that some males, a very, very small portion, will predate upon females. That’s a drawback in the male genetic makeup. Part of what testosterone can do, perhaps. I won’t, however, take on a collective guilt over my gender purely due to the opinions of a very small minority among the opposing gender who can’t handle the biological facts of life.

If I can be entirely male for a moment, harden up a little ladies! Just a little. Learn about & seek training in assertiveness. Don’t sit in a cab when you KNOW the driver is hitting on you. If some supposed sleeze is eyeing you off in a public place, take his photo. I can guarantee he won’t hang around long after that. Learn to stand up for yourselves, be proud of who & what you are and don’t take shit from anyone, male or female. we all know the world seems to be populated by fools. Don’t become another one by playing a fools game. Play your own game, and be a winner at it. I can tell you from my own preferences, there is nothing more attractive than an intelligent woman who speaks her mind, exudes confidence and does her thing her way. If you’re not self-confident, don’t understand assertiveness or are simply afraid of masculinity, whose problem is it really? It’s not mine and it’s not that of every other male on the planet. If you want gender wars, I for one will give you gender wars, but I’d much prefer amiability and consensus. Realise that men are not clones of women and never will be. We are who we are because evolution decrees that we be so. You cannot stop this merry-go-round called Life and step off any time, you’re on for the duration. Get used to that, get with Life, live it and stop blaming others for your own insufficiencies.

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