Nov 042007

Insiders this AM.

John Howard being the guest speaker, and speak he did. In fact, he didn’t shut up for less than a very few questions from Barry Cassidy. Howard didn’t answer any question posed to him in all the time allowed. He spoke over Cassidy, spruiked nothing but fear & loathing with repeats of the "who do you trust" rhetoric and simply refused to address the issue of his supposed agreement with Costello on a leadership handover timetable. Would not address the lies and obfuscation indulged in during 2004 in regard to his plans for industrial relations (workchoices), yet has the audacity to claim that Garrett’s gaff during the week is a clear and present sign of Labor duplicity. Never forget, according to Howard, that ’we all know Peter Garrett is a radical’.
It was classic Howard, and the most aggressive I’ve yet seen him before the television cameras. Is it desperation, or confidence?

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