Aug 072007

kevin07bannerJohn Howard says he’s yet to see the real disenchantment in the electorate which led to the massive election victories for opposition parties in 1973, 1983 and 1996.

Judging by the performance I just watched on 7:30 Report, I’d suggest he doesn’t want to see it. The disenchantment is there and pulsing with a life of its own. Given Howard’s somewhat self-righteous, offended attitude when questioned about his pollsters’ warnings that the electorate believes him to be an inveterate liar, I’d even go so far as to claim he’s genuinely scared. He tried to claim that the WMD argument wasn’t a lie, and he’s right. But he’s never retreated from that stance, which effectively makes a lie from a situation he could have retreated from, yet refused to do. He tried to claim he’d never been told that no children had been thrown into the water, yet we all know for a fact that Michael Scrafton told Howard twice that the claims were false. Then there’s the AWB Inquiry, SIEV-X, Iraq, Workchoices, the GST, Interest Rates and so it all goes.

Yes, Virginia……John Howard is old, and he is an inveterate liar. We can do better and it’s past time we did. Will Rudd Labor be any better? We’ll never know unless we try it and see, will we? Time for a change. We’ve nothing whatsoever to lose.

Just by the by, dear reader……the font in Rudd’s ’KEVIN07’ logo is Basic Sans Heavy SF. Just in case you were interested. Or wanted to make a button, like I have.

  One Response to “Nothing to lose”

  1. Apart from being an old, inveterate liar he is, apparently, the best the Liberal party can find – a failed suburban conveyancer.

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