Jun 212011

Here’s a giggle one of my Twitter mates gave me today.

Two guys who claim they just never give me a thought, one in particular – Allen Jack Bolderoff alias @aj2 remember him? – never considers me so much he clearly reads this tome on a regluar basis to see if I’m writing about him. Of course, that’s why I’m writing about him now. Wouldn’t want to poor possum to think I don’t care that he doesn’t care, would I. I’m amazed he manages to feed himself, let alone whatever family he has, if he’s living in constant fear and trepidation of someone calling his mobile phone number. Funny way to do business, shunning telephone calls.

The other one with the busy-body nickname is a wanna-be mining magnate who avoids taxation by living as a non-natural person in eastern Sydney, married or shacked up to an oriental woman whom he freely denigrates due to her race. Nice types, these people who are so afraid of those who question them, they need to drive them away by any means necessary, then constantly worry that their nemeses are still spying on them.

Image3 Image1So terribly sad that supposedly rational human beings just can’t let go, even when I’m no longer around to salve their angst. I’d really enjoy any attempt by Allen Jack Bolderoff to go ‘libel’ because I wrote his name on a public blog. Makes them seem to me no more than a bunch of whiney infants who just can’t stand the focus of observation.

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