Feb 212008

Janet Albrechtsen in today’s Oz.

“When will the Opposition learn? The Howard Government lost power for a number of reasons, but one critical reason was its inability to grab the high moral ground. Much of it was spin and some of it was deceptive, but Kevin Rudd essentially sold Howard-like policies but coated in hope, emotion and honour. An American analogy would be John McCain policies dipped in Barack Obama fairy floss.
That is not intended solely as a criticism.”

She goes right on from there to criticise the government, handing out sage advice to the opposition on how to appear ‘moral’, which has to be both ironic and a contradiction in terms from both giver and receiver, while continuing to back a return to Howardian values with her claims that while the opposition may be emotionally bereft, it’s standards are clearly the right ones.
Does this woman actually get paid to write the tripe she writes? Is Chris Mitchell so hard up for conservative column writers, he’s forced to include her on the front page of the national daily?
Judas Priest, I’d back Timmy Blair over this dumb twerp, and that’s a big statement. At least Blair occasionally writes rationally. Occasionally.

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