Aug 242011

A brief one today. I take offense at fools who take umbrage under false pretences.

I refer to one Imre Saluszinsky who wrote a pap piece today, libelling David Hicks. He’s not alone, in fact he’s just part of a very long conga line of extreme right wing suck-holes who refuse point blank to objectively view the Hicks saga. Saluszinski in particular uses the listing of the Hicks tome “Guantanamo: My Journey” among those to be considered for the Queensland Premiers Literary Awards, as a stalking horse in support of Jews worldwide. I have no problem with anyone supporting jewishness globally, as long as they don’t do so at any one person’s expense. That’s precisely what Saluszinski is doing.

But wait, there’s more. Not only literary shouts of indignation over faux attacks against a demographic, but also shock and awe over the fact that an individual supposedly found guilty of providing material support to terrorism, should be lauded in a literary award contest. Never mind that the process which found Hicks ‘guilty’ never did so under the laws of this, or any other land. Never mind the fact that the book’s author was imprisoned without trial or charge for six years, subjected to mental and physical torture, pilloried and deserted by his own government. Never mind any of those issues. Only mind the fact that David Hicks’s book will be up for judging pretty much on the decennary of a terrorism event not even remotely related to the experiences of its author. Dare I write this, but who gives a goddamn? What happened, happened and a long time ago in a land far, far away. What David Hick’s did or didn’t do in Kosovo, or Kashmir or Pakistan or Afghanistan does not, in any way, shape or form, detract from who he is now and how he suffered to get to where he is now.

If there’s one question to arise from Saluszinsky’s tripe, it’s this. If Saluszinsky believes the so-called ‘cultural Left’ are a lesser breed than he, does that of necessity make him a member of the uncultured Right? a silly little man

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