Feb 222011

Niki Savva’s perceptions of politics in the real world would appear to revolve around make-up and presentation.

Not the ethical or moral make-up of a person, but whether that person is female, has stood in front of a mirror that morning & applied the requisite layer of false face paint and has on an outfit which meets with Savva’s version of haute couture. Prime Ministerial dress code aside, at least as Savva sees it, she goes on the enumerate the coalition failings of the past fortnight, the divisiveness within those ranks, the behind-the-scenes conniving and probing with sharply pointed instruments. It’s clear that dissatisfaction within those ranks exists. Perhaps it’s more frustration than dissatisfaction. Frustration at not making any reasonable headway on the government, which in general is simply sitting back, watching the death by 1,000 cuts being inflicted internally by the opposition benches.
It’s evident that Savva favours Abbott, and dislikes Turnbull. Pity she’s backing the wrong horse there, as the general public don’t trust Abbott and actually prefer Turnbull, whether his colleagues believe the “memories are too raw” or not. Turnbull is educated, articulate and after time in the background, wiser than he was 2 years ago. One need only watch the to and fro of Twitter conversation to see the reactions by a great many to the tweets made by @turnbullmalcolm. Even his ‘scatological equine metaphor’ effort of last week excited a huge number of followers and non-followers alike. Watch ABC’s QandA program whenever MT appears and you’ll find the audience numbers sky-rocket. Which reminds me, Auntie, One Nation is dead even though the corpse lies mouldering under not enough earth. I and many other refused to partake last night. Lift your game if you want the program to retain any kind of following.
yes, this is the level of our body politick at present. A government which needs to negotiate – not capitulate, Niki – on every initative with the rats and mice of elected representatives, an opposition which seems more intent on opposing itself internally than offering any sense of alternative government and endless arguments about issues inspired by a far more machiavellian player a decade ago that, like a shuttlecock, seem to be bouncing from side to side of the ideological net with ever increasing inaccuracy without ever scoring any points, especially with the audience. Cap all this off with a feintly interested media that is distracted by as small an issue as which football code manager slept with which underaged ‘look it moi’ whore, and you have a potent recipe for a voting public which is rapidly passing the “couldn’t-give-a-fuck” marker on the general satisfaction gauge.
My fervent hope is that something changes, at least on the political scene, post-June 30. Sad to say, we’ll always be beset by football groupies who open their legs then hold out their hands to garbage media outlets.

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