Mar 202007

Well, reader, Bannerman has been a tad busy of late, what with switching jobs, buying cars and teaching right-wing rabble how to conduct themselves in public. It’s been an amusing experience, but sadly, one which said RWR just couldn’t hack any more of. A brief word of advisory to those of you looking for a place to exchange opinions and discuss issues of import in a rational environment. Don’t bother with Debate & Relate. There’s none of either going there. There is, however, a whole lot of bigoted racial intolerance and cultural vilification, especially against Muslims, and general white supremacy ranting and raving from various of the so-called members. Almost all of whom are RWR, completely dismissive of any opinion but their collective own.

Why is it that those of a right-wing ideology always wind up exhibiting the most hypocritical of on-line personas?

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