Mar 112007

Prime Minister John Howard has defended a security pact to be signed with Japan this week, despite concerns from China and South Korea.

Yahoo!7 News

Sixty-two years ago Australia saw off the empire of Japan as the greatest threat to this country’s future security ever faced since the first fleet dropped anchor in Port Jackson. Today, we’re offering to stand by that nation, protect her and her citizens should she ever come under attack, as she supposedly pledges to stand by this nation likewise. The connotations are more than a little un-nerving.

The man to whom this tome is dedicated would spin in his grave if he had one.

Of course, a slightly more than skin deep appraisal of this ’security pact’ reveals a distinct flavour of Pax Americana. In conjunction with the security pact between Japan and the U.S., the Australia-Japan Defence Pact is aimed squarely at North Korea. The linked article’s oblique reference to the ’U.S.-led Proliferation Security Initiativeis sufficient to qualify that claim.

Australia is no longer a nation with an independent position on issues of concern and import throughout the world. She is merely the obedient serf of the hegemonic master.

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