Jul 162008

I don’t really blame QANTAS for attempting to garner every consumer dollar they can. QANTAS is a business. A consumer-oriented business. Consumers smoke, drink, wear scent, read books, wear jewellery, so why shouldn’t a consumer-oriented business make those items available as a part of it’s offerings? So what if QANTAS provides cigarettes on the duty free trolley?

Mind you, if I wanted to buy cigarettes duty free, I dare say I’d do so at a duty free outlet, not on board an aircraft. It is a little bemusing also that QANTAS should want to carry cigarettes, and undoubtedly a plethora of other duty free products, on board an aircraft which operates to strict weight and balance parameters. One would think that every kilo of esoteric, and some might say, non-essential weight which isn’t paying its way, is actually a cost penalty to the airline, not a profit generator. Do I smell the stink of desperation?

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