May 092008

While I’m on the subject of motorsport, I thought I’d better advertise the pre and post round netcasts done by Neil Crompton, Brad Jones and selected guest drivers and sports luminaries, called PanelBeaters.

The netcast is excellent, runs for an hour, sometimes a bit longer, and for the sport’s avid followers, like myself, it’s a great way to stay up to speed with the tin tacks of the circus.
I’ve found the site to be difficult to find from time to time, so here’s how you do it. Go here on the nights when the show is to be cast, find and click on the advert which says ‘PanelBeaters Show’ (it changes position and description, unfortunately), and you’ll wind up at bigpondvideo DOT com SLASH v8. Click on SPORT TV and you’ll get the show.
Tonight’s show started at 20:00 AEST because the circus is in WA this weekend. Normally, it starts at 18:00 AEST. Make a note.

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