Apr 132011

Here’s something totally out of character for this blog. Something personal.

I’m a dad. I have three grown children, twins aged 25 and a boy aged 23 engaged soon to be married. The twins, Matthew & Megan, and Ashley as well, make me so proud to be their Dad. They’ve found their own way in life, decided their own futures and explored their own avenues without any interference from me, and I do believe from their mother as well. The latter being a rather remarkable feat in itself. Matthew is an accomplished muscian and music producer, Ashley is a production manager for Cochlear Australia. Megan, my bright shining star, my ‘piglet’ who has always known what she’s wanted to do, set out to get it and succeeded, is now a peer-reviewed scientist celebrated by the International Atomic Energy Agency. She’s been invited to Vienna, she’s delivered her treatise, had it reviewed and now promoted as the very latest in scientific methods in her field. Her paper can be found here. If you can understand it, you’re doing way better than me. I’d really like to know what ‘Liquid Scintillation Counting’ means.

Well done, Piglet. You make me realise that I did as good a job as I could do. You other parents out there, stop worrying about being a good parent. Just be a parent. If you’re any good at it, you kids will tell you.

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