Jun 082011

I’ve done the roleplay thing before today, and enjoyed it immensely, but I’ve never been a Member of Parliament. Never wanted to be either. I’m enough of a slave to other people’s opinions & demands in my work-a-day life to want to do it as a career occupation. So when the opportunity to participate in the Twitter version of ’the House’ came along, courtesy of someone who must have grown as tired as I have of the #auspol environment, I thought “why not”.

Already there are ‘parties’ – the obligatory Liberals, Greens and Labor, all of which seem to be far out-numbered by Independents. There are, or will be I’m assured, a set of Standing Orders, the first of which had an airing last night much to at least one new nominee’s distress. Standing Order #1 is zero tolerance for the mere mentioning of that odious hashtag which has clearly been the spur for the idea of #Twitparl.

Whether the trolls from that hashtag can control themselves, or even how debates are intended to be conducted in 140 characters is yet to be revealed, but as a bit of fun, I’m sure it’ll prove entertaining.

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