Jun 192007

MP repays electoral allowances

Mr (Ross) Vasta tonight told the Seven Network that he had repaid the Department of Finance over "administrative errors" in his electoral spending.

Noted on News-dot-com; Channel Seven and tonight’s ABC television news as having been "quietly repaid", Mr Vasta found some $24,000 had been the subject of this ’administrative error’. The Member for Bonner happens to be the incumbent in a very marginal Queensland seat. As are his colleagues Andrew Laming (Bowman) and Gary Hardgrave (Moreton), both of whom are also under investigation for allegedly rorting electoral allowances. One wonders if they too will ’quietly repay’ monies which have become subject of ’administrative errors’? Perhaps if they cough up the rorts now, quietly, Helen Coonan might find it in her cold, stoney heart to slip them a few bucks from her barrel of broadband pork.

I’ll be really keen to see if the AFP investigation continues on to it’s proper conclusion.

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