Feb 262007
"Ten years ago the Australian government took away the worlds first Voluntary Euthanasia law. Last year they banned Australians from using the telephone, fax, email and Internet to seek information about end of life issues. Now they have taken to banning and burning books." – Doctor Phillip Nitschke, Exit International
Of all the iniquities exacted upon the Australian people during the repressive reign of the Howardian ethos, this surely represents the most offensive. The Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification had, in December 2006, authorised the sale of "The Peaceful Pill handbook" on the basis of a Restricted Class 1 publication. Now the book has been banned because Phillip Ruddock et al are afraid that the wowsers and bible-thumpers in Australian society will become so upset about people having informed choice, that non-compliance might be reflected at the ballot box.
This truly is political expediency and conservatism driven by madness and bigotry. Facists banned and burned books. Have we, one of the most secular and supposedly moderate societies in the western world, become a nation of fearful, docile sheep?.
Fortunately, the publication is still available through Amazon [dot] com. Bannerman fully intends obtaining a copy of this publication, both from personal interest and a belief in his inalienable right to information regarding a timely and peaceful end to his existence at a time and place of his own choosing, and from a perspective of public disobedience. Bannerman WILL NOT be told by anyone, government or otherwise, what he can and cannot read, view or indulge in.

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