Jan 192007

Bannerman is concerned, but not really all that surprised that Little Johnny Howler should choose to be a party to a video supporting a Christian fringe group.

Howler is, supposedly, a Christian. Devout or otherwise is irrelevant, but that he chooses to use his Christianity for political advantage is not in question. He isn’t overt or radical about it, but he is openly considerate of Christian organisations, as this issue shows clearly.

Disingenuity aside, Bannerman considers overt displays of any form of religious allegiance by politicians like Howler to be not only poor politics, but openly ignorant and dismissive of faiths other than those promoted. Howler, if he really is as smart a politician as Bannerman considers him to be, should never have associated himself with an organisation like ‘Catch the Fire Ministeries’, or failed Family First candidates such as Danny Nalliah. Maybe he’s not that smart a politician. Certainly not if he’s happy to associate with religious nutbags like Nalliah and Scott.

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