May 302007

There’s a dramatic difference between this political advertising, and this

Personally Addressed
more crap?

political advertising. The former arrived in an envelope bulging at the seams addressed to ’The Householder’. The latter……well, you can see for yourself, reader. I rather appreciate receiving mail – even if it is junk – which someone has taken the time to address to me, the person, not the Householder. In addition, it appears the ALP even know who my wife is, even though we appear many lines apart in the Bowman electoral roll.

Both lots of mail are political claptrap, neither of which is going to sway me from my already chosen vote. The former was paid for by my taxes….and yours for that matter. The latter’s payment comes from the ALP coffers. Most likely contributed to the Party from various and many Union bodies, none of which I’m a member of, so I feel quite non-plussed about it’s receipt. It’s still junk though.

Perceptions, you see dear reader, matter.

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