Jul 172007

Yonks ago I struck up an acquaintance with the fellow who wrote the email you’ll find over the fold. He wanted to promote urban monorail as a mass transit system, and I saw benefit in helping him. I provided some HTML authoring and scrubbed up his dowdy website, but soon found the man to be not just obsessed with his pursuit, but dangerously one-eyed ideologically as well as just a little disingenuous of his promotion of a specific manufacturer for said urban mass transit system.

We parted company when his political allegiances began to cloud both his reason and the ultimate aim of lobbying for an efficient mass transit system as an adjunct to what already exists. Strangely, even after several years, it seems he still cannot manage his email address lists sufficiently to delete mine from his polemic posts berating the Beattie government for their corrupt lack of foresight in not taking on his proposals.
The following email was sent out in response to this article in the Courier Mail. He makes at least one appearance in the comments to the tale, although I suspect a few more are him as well. The fellows name is Robert Mcjannett, previously a wanna-be National Party candidate and most recently an independent candidate for the seat of Redcliffe. He failed miserably both times, due almost entirely to his fixation on the monorail issue and not offering the voters anything of real substance. Probably a good thing, given his stated allegiance to Eurotren Monoviga S.A. (EMSA), a Spanish company which developed a system of magnetic levitation using linear induction motors, for whom he is the sole Australian representative. Something Robert Mcjannett rarely, if ever brings into his ‘discussions’ with opponents of his hobby horse.
I don’t know, and at this point, could care a whole lot less but I strongly suspect that cost-benefit analyses put to politicians by knowledgeable, non-partisan experts have shown that a maglev train concept turns out to be a whole lot more expensive to construct and maintain than does the presently understood light-rail / tram technology. Add in Mcjannett’s abrasive personality, and you’ve probably arrived at just why he’s never succeeded in selling his ideas to the establishment. Anyway, Brisbanites, have a gander and probably a chuckle, at a long proposed alternative to Chairman Beattie’s ‘newly proposed’ light rail project.

From: Robert Mcjannett [skyrail1@bigpond.net.au]
Sent: Monday, 16 July 2007 11:22 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Trams and corruption
The Brisbane light rail project was scrapped 5 years ago for very good reasons. Trams clog the streets, kill pedestrians, cause huge law suits, require enormous taxpayer subsidies to operate and are very expensive to construct. When the Brisbane Light Rail project was scrapped I made a public prediction on the sunshinemonorail.com web site that it would return in a few years. The kick backs and incentives on offer by the tram manufacturers and road construction companies is just too big a carrot for our corrupt politicians to ignore.
Road construction companies like the idea of reinventing trams in Brisbane because everywhere the tram goes the road will be torn up and reconstructed at an enormous cost. The only possible winners from this hair brain scheme are the tramway suppliers and construction companies. The big losers will be the Queensland taxpayers and the commuting public who are about to be ripped off in excess of $750 million dollars to end up with a second rate mass transit system that competes with road traffic and kills pedestrians. There will also be major disruption and bankruptcies to businesses along the route during construction.
The only logical solution to the transport problem in Brisbane is to build a modern mass transit monorail system overlayed down existing roadways. There are presently no mass transit monorail systems operating in Australia. The 3 monorail systems operating in Australia are all Von-Roll theme park people mover class monorails, they are not modern mass transit monorails like the ones presently under construction in countless cities throughout the world.
The corrupt transport studies being carried out in SEQ have all wrongfully pointed to the Sydney monorail as an example of monorail technology. This is a deception tactic being used to muddy up the water and confuse the public. To study an example of modern monorail technology one must look overseas to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Many cities like Cairo, Jakarta, Tehran, Dhaka, and Mumbai are turning to mass transit monorail systems due to their ease of constuction down the centre of crowded streets without the need for tunnelling or disrupting businesses.
The Queensland Government and Brisbane City Council are ignoring this wonderful technology because there are no kick backs in it for them. Should anyone require an essay on modern monorail technolgy or the drawbacks of light rail please contact me at the address below. Click on the link for the tabloid story.
Robert Mcjannett
Director- Skyrail Australia

  10 Responses to “Persistent Phantoms”

    what a joke this man is, i have had unfortunate experience of meeting this man and Wat a personality he has … the most arrogant ,overbearing, prejudice, sexist figjam I’ve ever encountered, he things what ever he says is always rite, he lies constantly. i pity the lady he is with ( if anyone can handle his overwhelming charm)
    if you read the blog from freewave on my space you would be very very very concerned about this so called law abiding citizen who has been trying his darnedest to represent “the people” what he has done is a federal offence. there should be an enquiry into this mans actions …god help us if this man tries to get elected again, what will his next step be (knock on the doors of the people with gun in hand VOTE FOR ME ).
    oh yeah by the way i think he is still trying to get his pockets fatter a story by Brent Melville in the Gold Coast Bulletin . Does John Bradford (no of Robert Mcjannett’s actions) it doesn’t look good for you John , taking a letter box thief’s word . so to all you people out there lock up your letter box this man will sneak through it.

  2. The defamatory remarks above are totally unfounded and posted by a disgruntled web designer who was sacked by Mr. Mcjannett. I have alerted Mr. Mcjannett to this disgrace and apparently a supreme court defamation writ is in the pipeline

  3. I’d like to see this writ and look forward to taking it apart in court, if indeed it ever gets that far. There is absolutely nothing written by me in the above post which is in anyway untrue. Especially the persistent spamming of my email by McJannett, after countless requests by me for removal of it from McJannett’s looney bin lists. Bring on the fight, I say.

  4. The author of this website Mr. Neil Cook is a fanatical cult leader with an imaginary following. The enormous lack of traffic and comments on this endless site is testament to the self righteous bigotted zealot ideology being espoused by this lunatic !!

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  6. There has been more traffic on this site in the past 30 minutes than in the past 12 months. hahahahaha !!!
    COCKHEAD !!!!!

  7. hmmm……no supreme court writ in the mail. why am I not surprised

  8. Supreme court writs do not come in the mail, but then Neil Cook wouldn’t understand that as he has the intelligence of a lamp post.

  9. Poor Robert. Intellectually impotent in the face of accurate criticism

  10. congrats Niall
    after blogging this mans name wow he is a trouble maker who cant keep his opinions to himself. why is that all of us WANNABE TRACKERS ask its because this WANNABE has no friends spends all of his time writing shit about everyone and forgets to look in his own backyard this WANNABE has major problems with in himself the TRACKERS do pay pity on some people like this, but how ever the WANNABE is way way past pity get help WANNABE you will feel better inside.
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    again i would like to thank MR Niall Cook for standing up to another WANNABE

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