Sep 172007

Great word that, isn’t it? Pusillanimity. Perfectly describes the current attitude by fuel companies to price structures while the ACCC Public Inquiry into the Price of Unleaded Petrol is running.
What are petrol prices doing in your neck of the woods? In mine, unleaded fuel hasn’t moved awhisker for well over a week now. I filled last Tuesday at 105.9¢/l and noted this morning it’s exactly the same. It’s been that price now since last Sunday, as I recall. Mind you, Distillate is going through the roof, but there’s no public inquiry into distillate pricing, is there?
Better get in for your chop, dearest reader, before the public hearings end. Ballarat is the last one, this coming Thursday. You can bet your bippy that once the public face of the inquiry vanishes, so will the inertia of unleaded fuel prices. Results won’t be made public until October 15, and I’ll bet my lefty nothing untoward will be found.

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