Oct 082007

In a brief and oblique reminder of that Clint Eastwood movie series featuring Clyde the Orangutan, it seems John Howard is adhering to the admonishment Clyde was given in the movie “Any Which Way You Can”… “no pissin’, spittin’, fartin’ or pickin’ yer ass”.
John Howard seriously needs to consider the latter and start picking his date. Referring back to the Oz Politics Election timetable originally posted in July, if Howard allows the Parliament to resume on 15 October we’re left with two likely dates upon which writs could be issued. 29 October and 5 November, both after the House rises from the Spring sessions. The House is meant to sit again 26 November to 6 December, however that is likely to be smack dab in the middle of the campaign period. Will we see the House sit again this year? Will the house resume next week? Come on, Prime Minister! The entire process is now a farce. Start pickin’ yer date!

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