Sep 132007

I’m sitting at home after another day playing financial go-between, and idly re-scanning the news sites. One I touch on rarely is the DT, and doing so this evening, I happened upon what must be the last of the really staunch Howardian apologists, Piers Akerman.
Does this man ever write a piece from a serious, even slightly objective viewpoint?

Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd yesterday again asked Howard whether he would commit to remaining in office for a full term after the election. That question indicates Rudd’s presumption that Howard will beat Labor’s glamour candidate Maxine McKew in Bennelong and ignores the extraordinary flights of Labor premiers from office around Australia well short of the expiration of their terms. Perhaps there should be an inquiry into the “premiers overboard” scandal.

Hmmm….the direct relationship in that comparison is, what exactly, Piers? Little wonder no-one I know of takes his rants seriously.

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