Feb 112010

The stench surrounding the Kaiser jobs-for-the-boys debacle seems to be growing stronger by the day. Mind you, reports are only appearing in known conservative mouth-piece media outlets like the Oz, so how much credence one places on the actualities of the issue is dubious at best. That said, regardless of who Kaiser lobbied, or how the appointment process may or may not have been rorted, it’s clear that conservative politics under Abbott and his minions is slipping well and truly into the well worn rut where the mud is plentiful and the hurlers numerous.
As is the case with attacks, which I regard as purely political and unfounded, on Peter Garrett. As he stated quite succinctly this morning on ABC Radio National, regulation of installation is a state issue not within his purview. Of course, we mustn’t allow salient facts get in the way of a good rogering of a political opponent, which strangely many conservative pollies are enjoying, yet their leader appears reticent to be involved with to the same level. Yes, the deaths of installers is a serious issue, as Abbott stated, but how is that situation pertinent to Garrett’s portfolio? Clearly, it’s not.
But that’s the theatre of politics, isn’t it. Slime, sludge and slur. Incite the acolytes, enrage the converted and you achieve little other than lower your own standards. Isn’t that conservatism all over?

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