Jul 162009

I’m singularly unimpressed by the PM’s entry into the ‘sphere, with this post in The Punch.

His subject is Climate Change and while only conservative ideologues tend to respond to such posts, there’s a fair smattering of what appear to be Labor Government voters also commenting and not in an especially accepting manner. The blog post is not a blog post, but a policy statement, and while he may well be PM, he needs to realise that when in the ‘sphere, he nothing more than another blogger making his views known. If anyone wants to read a policy statement, it’s all there on the ALP site.
Instead of giving us the party line, Mr Rudd, why not make an effort to explain to we, the great unwashed voting public, just how the CPRS is intended to work. What will the costs be to us? Given climate change IS a reality, regardless of what fringe-dwelling deniers might like to shriek about, put forward a non-party-political standpoint for carbon pollution reduction. Put forward a case for public support through tax-payer dollars of alternative energy solutions. Explain in basic terms why nuclear energy is not on the list of available alternatives, and why Australia’s economy today rides on the coal miners back, the fiscal irresponsibility of not digging up & selling coal.
Make your case as a blogger, Mr Rudd. Not as the political leader of the governing party. If you’re after tips on how to go about it, get in touch with Andrew Bartlett.

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