Aug 102007

PM vows to clean up the internet
The Prime Minister unveiled his new net commandments last night on a webcast to more than 700 churches around the country. At least 100,000 people were believed to have watched.

What a disturbing happening. Australian politicians pandering to religious fundamentalism.

Yes, that’s right. Fundamentalism. One need not be of swarthy appearance, long beard, speak Urdu and pray to Allah in order to be classified as a fundamentalist. In fact, the worlds real fundies are undoubtedly those who call themselves judeo-christians. Don’t believe me? Just watch Compass this Sunday.
Definitions aside, I find this pandering to the religious vote just a tad sanctimonious given that all Australian’s of voting age must vote. It’s compulsory, unlike the United States, for example, where those who choose not to, don’t vote. The phenomenon of the religious right being exhorted to exercise their power over recent US presidential elections is well known. One wonders why Howard and Rudd aren’t prosetylising to pagans, atheists or buddhists as well. Surely to not do so is discrimination?
So far as providing anti-smut software barriers to families who use the internet, surely, more pandering to do-gooder sensibilities. Nanny state stuff. This is tantamount to relieving parents of the responsibility for what their off-spring see and don’t see on the computer monitor. As for forcing service providers to filter computer access…..pipe-dream. Filters slow down access. We don’t have very quick access now as it is, so any additional chokes on access will only make what we have untenable. Additionally, isn’t such enforcement rather draconian censorship of the worst possible kind? I’m most definitely NOT in favour of having any bible-bashing judeo-christian politician telling me what I can and cannot view on the internet, or anywhere else for that matter. How dare anyone attempt to restrict my freedom of choice simply because bleeding heart minorities aren’t prepared to not look at things which they find offensive.
No, dear reader, this is simply fundamentalism at it’s worst and not an ammonium nitrate bag in sight.

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