Apr 032007

Bannerman wound up being quite touched by the interview on 7:30 Report this evening between David Hicks’ military defence lawyer, Marine Major Michael Mori, and Kerry O’Brien. Clearly, Mori wasn’t going to respond to several of Kerry’s questions as Kerry would have liked, but the one telling point in the entire interview came with the very last question. When he returned to his military career, would there be a price to pay for Mori, as a result of his staunch support for and defence of his client over the past four-and-a-half years?

The look of resignation and inevitability which passed across Mori’s chagrinned face spoke volumes, even if his mouth uttered a non-committal platitude. That one question and one facial expression is proof positive, as far as Bannerman is concerned, that the Hicks issue impacted negatively on more than just David Hicks. Kudos to you, Michael Mori. May your legal career rise to great heights upon your exit from the military. May that day come soon and bring you the justice you deserve. Bannerman applauds.

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