Apr 232007

Anzac controversy ‘will increase crowds’
“Anzac Day’s got to stop being just seen as another public holiday,”

Well, Bannerman has never considered ANZAC Day to be ‘just another public holiday’ and seriously doubts any true-blue Aussie really does either.

Whether Kevin Rudd’s foolishness in falling prey to yet more television programming of important events has had any impact on the sanctity of the day, or not, is all pretty much a moot point.
ANZAC Day is not, and must never be allowed to become an ‘event’. It’s a day for reflection, respect and gratitude to those who gave of themselves so that we might live the lives we lead today, as Australians. It’s not a day for glorification of war, just as we should never consider war to be a worthy avenue of international dispute resolution.
The only part television needs to play is as a conduit for the memory of those who aren’t with us anymore.

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