Dec 022008

Further to yesterday’s little bombshell, it seems the hounds at News Limited were too close to the facts of the matter and Mark Skaife has jumped off the edge of disaster into what? Only he knows.

Clearly, Walkinshaw won the tussle, if indeed there ever was one. Equally clearly, he was employing fiscal strangulation to a race team he once owned, in order to assume ownership again. When it comes to business, a former bankrupt who’s managed to crawl back into the light will always be more street-smart than a first-timer at the game of big bucks. Whether HRT was sold back to Walkinshaw, or simply surrendered, will doubtless become known in the fullness of time. For now, it’s R.I.P. Mark Skaife. Retirement In Profit, from your next business venture, which hopefully, you’ll be a little more alert to the pitfalls of.
As an aside, my ex-Mother-in-Law’s family name was Walkinshaw, and also from stout Scottish stock. She was a complete pain in the arse as well. Must be something about Scots named Walkinshaw, perhaps?

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